Calques 3D  v.2 5

Calques 3D is a microworld designed for constructing, observing and manipulating geometrical figures in space. It allows an intuitive and adaptable access to environment features.

SalsaJ  v.2 1

SalsaJ allows students to display, analyse, and explore real astronomical images and other data in the same way that professional astronomers do, making the same kind of discoveries that lead to true excitement about science.


Electric Generator Model  v.1.0

Study electromagnetic induction with this simulation. Electric Generator Model shows a simple electric generator made from a conducting loop rotating in a uniform magnetic field and connected to an ammeter.

Fourier Sine Series Model  v.1.0

Study the sine series expansion coefficients with this tool. The Fourier sine series model displays the sine series expansion coefficients of an arbitrary function on the interval.

Harmonics and Fourier Series Model  v.1.0

Analyze harmonics sum fast and easy. Harmonics and Fourier Series model displays the sum of harmonics via a Fourier series to yield a new wave. The amplitude of each harmonic as well as the phase of that harmonic can be changed via sliders.

Newtons Law of Cooling  v.Model

Study Newton's Law of Cooling with the help of this simulation. Newton's Law of Cooling model computes the temperature of an object of mass M as it is heated by a flame and cooled by the surrounding medium.

Lennard-Jones 2D Metropolis Program  v.1.0

Simulate Lennard-Jones particles with this application. The STP LJ2DMetropolis software is a Monte Carlo simulation of Lennard-Jones particles in two dimensions in contact with a heat bath.

Simultaneity Spacetime Diagram Model  v.1.0

Relative motion effect analysis. Simultaneity Spacetime Diagram model uses light-trajectories to show the effect of relative motion when observing (recording) events in special relativity. In the default scenario,

Diffusion Lattice Gas Program  v.1.0

Diffusion of particles on a lattice simulation. Diffusion Lattice Gas software simulates the diffusion of particles on a lattice. The default is a lattice with linear dimension L=40 and N=500 particles.Requirements: *

QM Superposition Program  v.1.0

QM Superposition software displays the time evolution of the position-space wave function. The default wave function shows a two-state superposition of harmonic oscillator states.

Symmetric Top Model  v.1.0

Analyze rotational dynamics with this application. Symmetric Top model displays the motion of a top, in both the space frame and body frame, with no net toque applied. The top has an initial angular speed in the x, y, and z directions.

Second Virial Coefficient  v.1.0

Calculate the second virial coefficient for the Lennard-Jones potential with this tool. SecondVirialCoefficient software numerically evaluates the second virial coefficient for the Lennard-Jones potential at various temperatures.

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